How to Choose a Commercial HVAC System in Hillsborough, NC

An HVAC system is important for your commercial building. This will improve comfort for your employees as they perform day-to-day tasks. Here are some things you can consider before choosing a commercial HVAC system in Hillsborough, NC:

Type of Commercial HVAC System

You need to research the type of HVAC system that your building requires. There are a variety of commercial HVAC systems on the market. A multi-split HVAC system will allow you to set different temperatures — if needed — in different rooms. This mainly applies to a large building.

Additionally, a single-split HVAC system can be an affordable option if you have a smaller building. Also, it’ll help you save money for other major purchases for your business.

Type of Building

Some buildings tend to have a lot of windows. In these cases, you won’t require a big HVAC system. This is because windows provide additional natural ventilation. With more insulation in your building, you can always opt for a smaller system.

However, buildings with fewer windows have less ventilation. Therefore, you’ll require a larger HVAC system for your business, providing better air ventilation and improving employees’ comfort.

Size of Building

It’s crucial to consider your building’s size before having service techs install a new HVAC system. A big building with multiple floors will require more ventilation, so you would choose a big system that will cover each floor sufficiently.

On the other hand, a smaller building requires less ventilation. Therefore, a smaller HVAC system will offer good air conditioning and heat in the small space, providing more comfort.

Energy Efficiency

Today, manufacturers consider energy efficiency when building advanced HVAC systems. Always remember to go for a more efficient system. This will help you reduce high energy bills.

So, when purchasing a new HVAC system, one thing to ask about is its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Also, you should check if your appliance has an Energy Star certification. You can always have a qualified service tech help you identify a more energy-efficient system.

The System’s Application

Sometimes, it’s important to consider the purpose of the HVAC system. This will help you choose the right system for your business.

Some commercial buildings, like hospitals and grocery stores, would likely need bigger systems. Larger systems can better maintain a clean and comfortable hospital environment. In grocery stores, larger systems prevent a surge of cold or hot air, giving longer shelf lives for farm-fresh produce.

However, buildings with small offices may not require a big system. This is because good indoor air quality is paramount. A big system will only incur unnecessary costs.

The System’s Warranty

Different commercial HVAC appliances come with multiple types of warranties. A warranty will help offer financial protection for your business, so when the system has any issues within the warranty period, you’ll save on repair costs.

Before purchasing a new system, inquire about the warranty period and its coverage. You should choose a period that will best fit your business. You can ask a licensed service tech to advise on the warranty for your system.

Installation Location of the HVAC System

We can install HVAC systems in different locations around your building. This can either be on the roof or a concrete pad outside at ground level. Moreover, some portions of commercial HVAC systems are within the building.

A big building will need several HVAC systems. A qualified service tech will advise on the right places to position each of the units. This will ensure that the system works efficiently to provide good indoor air quality.

However, a smaller building will require smaller HVAC systems. This will ensure that they fit in the small building. A professional service tech will help in the installation location of those different components.

Call Warren-Hay Mechanical today to get quality commercial HVAC services. Our licensed service techs are always glad to serve you.

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