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During winter, it's not the cold weather that gets people sick. We tend to spend more time indoors where there is little to no fresh air and where germs spread more easily. If the building’s envelope is tightly sealed, contaminated air will continue to circulate from room to room. It is therefore, important to understand how to keep the air inside your home and business clean to protect your family, employees and customers.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we can provide long-lasting solutions at fair prices for homes and businesses in the Hillsborough, North Carolina, area. If you’re dealing with poor indoor air quality (IAQ), you may see signs of it around your home, or even in the health of occupants. Common indicators of poor IAQ include:

  • A buildup of dust around your air vents. If you feel like you're constantly dusting, that could be a sign of poor IAQ.
  • Strange and persistent odors.
  • The occurrence of symptoms like headaches, watery eyes, sneezing, or asthma flare-ups only when in certain rooms or buildings.

Note that many IAQ threats have no smell or can only be seen using special equipment. At Warren-Hay Mechanical, we have the expertise and equipment to locate and identify IAQ threats. We also offer home performance inspections where we conduct an audit of your home to identify any threats that could affect HVAC performance, energy efficiency, and the health of occupants.

Preventing Poor IAQ

Fortunately, you can work toward better indoor air quality. If you’ve never had an IAQ check, give us a call today. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our services. IAQ problems are not a reflection of your attitude toward housekeeping. Many IAQ threats emerge from common indoor products and supplies like paint, furniture, sprays, carpeting and chemical cleaners.

Check your air filter at least once a month especially during winter and summer when you use your system more. A dirty air filter causes contaminants and indoor allergens to re-enter your indoor air and impedes the efficient operation of your HVAC system.

IAQ Products and Services

At Warren-Hay, we are IAQ experts. Our highly-trained NATE-certified service techs can work with you to help you manage your air quality. We also provide air cleaners which you can use in specific areas or connect to your HVAC system. Our line of air cleaning systems includes:

  • Air Purifiers - We can install an air purifier in your ductwork to clean the air before it enters your home through the vents. This type of air cleaner is quick and easy to install and works well to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.
  • Air Humidifiers - A whole-house humidifier helps to maintain a safe indoor humidity level. These humidifiers are easier to use and maintain than portable humidifiers that you have to refill constantly.
  • Ventilators - You likely have a ventilation system in your kitchen and bathroom, but sometimes that's not enough. Warren-Hay can install a mechanical ventilator to help remove stale air from your home and replace it with fresh air. Once installed, it requires little maintenance.

Indoor allergens impact AC air quality and cause that air to enter your home every time the system cycles on. You might notice a puff of unpleasant air every time the heater or AC comes on and might fade away as the cycle continues. If you live in Hillsborough, Durham, Chapel Hill, or Carrboro, North Carolina, you can address heating and AC air quality issues with our IAQ products and services and regular preventive maintenance.

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