7 HVAC Upgrades That Can Make Your Home Worth More

When you put your home on the market, you need to ensure everything is in excellent working order. That way, you can sell your home for a higher price and attract more potential buyers. An upgraded HVAC system can increase your home equity. Here are some of the HVAC upgrades that can make your home in Hillsborough, NC, worth more:

Replace Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are very expensive, and the thought of purchasing a new one scares most homeowners. The average lifespan of an HVAC system is approximately 10-15 years. From there, the system becomes less efficient and increases operating costs. If your system is old, consider replacing it with a new model. It’ll attract more buyers and increase the worth of your home.

Install a Humidifier or Air Purifier

The indoor air quality is essential in determining the comfort of your home. It also directly affects the health of your family members. When pollutants get into the indoor air, they can cause allergic reactions and asthma. Upgrading your HVAC system with features that infiltrate the air and improve the indoor air quality will add value to your home.

Improving your indoor air quality involves balancing the humidity and purifying the air. A humidifier will add moisture to the indoor air and prevent dryness that might irritate the skin, nose, eyes and throat. You can also get an air purifier that will efficiently clean the air and get rid of any allergens, pollutants, debris, specks of dust and toxins present in the air.

Replace Your Air Ducts

The air ducts in your HVAC system are metal, which means they can wear out due to corrosion caused by moisture. When the air ducts fail, the system won’t distribute the warmed or cooled air in the rooms, interfering with the comfort of the house.

Therefore, when planning to sell your home, ensure you replace the air ducts to increase the effectiveness of the HVAC system. You’ll also add value to your home.

Install a Programmed Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is essential to help homeowners set needed temperatures at different times of the day. This will make the HVAC system operate at low costs because the system will only heat or cool the rooms when people are home. When you install a programmable thermostat to your HVAC system, you increase its efficiency and attract better prices for your home.

Increase Insulation

When your HVAC system heats the air in your house, the air needs to remain intact to keep your household warm. With proper insulation, the heated air will remain intact, and the system won’t have to overwork to keep the house warm. As you inspect your home for selling, check out your attic. If it has poor insulation, consider adding more.

Install Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Most home buyers look for homes with energy-efficient appliances. Appliances are setting new standards, and you’ll need to upgrade your HVAC appliances, including the furnace, heat pump and air conditioning system. With energy-efficient appliances, the worth of your home will increase.

Upgrade Your Windows

A big percentage of heated and cooled air escapes through the windows, forcing your system to overwork to make your house warm or cool. When your HVAC system overworks, it consumes more energy and increases your energy bills. No one wants to buy a home that accumulates large energy bills, which is why you need to upgrade your windows to double-paned energy-efficient windows.

An HVAC system is essential in every home. Before purchasing a home, all home buyers want to know how effectively and efficiently the system will operate.

That’s why you need to upgrade your HVAC system before posting your home on the market. To schedule HVAC installations, upgrades, maintenance, repairs and replacements in Hillsborough, NC, don’t hesitate to contact us at Warren-Hay Mechanical.

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