7 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On in Hillsborough, NC

When an air conditioner fails to power up, you need to find the source of the problem. This guide covers seven things you can check to identify the problem before you call a professional to restore power to your equipment in Hillsborough, NC.

Circuit Breaker

If the circuit breaker trips, your air conditioner won’t receive power. Typically, a circuit breaker will restrict power to an air conditioning system if too many appliances in a home are pulling electricity. To restore power in this situation, you must reset one of the breakers.

In some cases, a circuit breaker may trip if an air conditioner is too old. This happens because older hardware loses its ability to distribute power efficiently. The solution to this problem is an HVAC system upgrade.


A blown fuse can interfere with an air conditioner’s power supply. For this inspection, you’ll need to run a test using a multimeter.

During the test, listen to the device’s beeps. If you hear a beep when the device tests both fuses, they are in great condition. You’ll need to buy a replacement fuse if only one fuse triggers a beep during the test.

Air Filter

Air filter maintenance is very important because a clog can cause a system breakdown. Without proper air circulation, any water droplets that generate around a filter will freeze. Once enough frost builds up, they will create ice layers on an AC system’s coils that can interfere with the power supply.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils can also gather dirt, so always inspect their surfaces when you experience a sudden breakdown. If too much debris covers the coils, your unit will become less efficient, and over time, the lack of proper air circulation can lead to a breakdown.

Evaporator coil maintenance isn’t a DIY job. Whenever you discover debris on this component, always schedule professional maintenance.

Condenser Lines

The condenser lines can harvest dirt and debris as well. If algae grows on these lines, a rodent may build a nesting ground.

Condenser line maintenance is another task for an HVAC service tech. If a dirty condenser line is the reason your system doesn’t start, we can help.

Refrigerant Lines

In some cases, an air conditioner will turn on without functioning as well as it should. The source of this problem is usually a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant is a coolant that makes the air cold. If your air conditioner doesn’t have a full supply, mild air will blow out of the vents instead of cold air.

This is a vital maintenance job for a service tech for multiple reasons. You should never try to fix a leaky refrigerant line on your own because refrigerant is dangerous. We can stop a refrigerant leak, and following the repairs, we’ll add more refrigerant to restore the air conditioner’s maximum cooling capability.

Mechanical Components

The most important mechanical part that you should check following a breakdown is the motor. If you heard odd sounds before the air conditioner failed, the motor is probably damaged. You can run a capacitor test to determine whether or not the motor is still functional.

If you discover any burnt wires while inspecting the motor, don’t touch them. Because wires can still hold electricity, this is a job for an electrician. If a burnt wire is affecting the air conditioner, a service tech will have to run a performance test.

Your thermostat also has some mechanical components that can cause a breakdown. Typically, you can test a thermostat without a service tech. It usually affects an air conditioner’s ability to power up when it has broken parts or drained batteries.

You will probably need a service tech to restore your air conditioning system following a breakdown. If your unit needs maintenance or repairs, contact Warren-Hay Mechanical and set up an appointment for professional air conditioning services. We troubleshoot regular air conditioning systems, ductless units and heat pumps.

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