4 Budget-Friendly Tasks That Help Improve Heating Efficiency

Residents of Hillsborough, North Carolina, enjoy living in an area where they can take advantage of diverse activities. You get to explore beautiful local parks, canoe the Eno River, and enjoy all kinds of outdoor festivals. It’s a wonderful place to live, but weather extremes can sometimes make things a little challenging. Summers are often hot and humid, and temperatures can even dip below the freezing point during the winter months. Improving heating efficiency should be high on your to-do list.

Modern heating systems are more efficient than previous generation heaters. Every heating system, however, will provide benefits in efficiency and cost savings with proper and regular maintenance. Consider the budget-friendly steps below that will improve the efficiency of your heating system and keep your household comfortable for many winters.

Schedule Regular Heater Checkups

It’s always easier and less expensive to catch a problem earlier rather than later. Sometimes warning signs help you to get ahead of developing issues. For example, you might hear strange or loud noises from the system or experience inadequate heating or incorrect cycling.

Other problems like leaks or ductwork damage won’t be as obvious. When you schedule annual heating system maintenance, our service techs will thoroughly inspect your furnace or heat pump. They will be sure to address any issues before they get worse and result in more costly repairs.

Perform Regular DIY Maintenance

There are simple maintenance tasks that you can conduct regularly which will help improve heating efficiency. Changing the air filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance heating efficiency. The air filter traps dust, pet dander, and other particles as they pass through the system.

A dirty filter cannot effectively remove airborne particles. Eventually, this will impact airflow and cause your heater to work harder. It’s important to change these filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Don’t forget to dust the louvers or areas around the filter. Also clean and vacuum your home regularly to get rid of dust and other debris.

Conduct Energy Audits

The greater the difference between the temperature outdoors and the temperature in your home, the higher the demand on your heating system. To reduce energy consumption, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests keeping the thermostat setting as close to the outdoor temperature as possible.

Check your windows for cracks or gaps. Air leaks can also occur around doors. You can easily seal leaks using weatherstripping and caulk. If there is a draft at the bottom of any exterior door, a weather-resistant door sweep is an effective and inexpensive solution. In older homes, worn attic insulation could cause heat energy to escape. Even air gaps around pipes, electrical outlets, and ceiling lights can interfere with the ability of your furnace to operate efficiently. Identifying and fixing these sources of energy waste will help to improve comfort and prevent skyrocketing utility bills.

Upgrades That Benefit Your Heating System

A smart or programmable thermostat will let you program settings based on your schedule. You can program these devices for optimal performance, so you don’t waste energy when you’re asleep or away from home. Some new thermostats also offer wireless access so you can make adjustments as needed. You’ll also be able to take advantage of energy reports and reminders for filter changes or to schedule maintenance.

You can also consider air purifiers, ventilators, and humidifiers that help you manage indoor air quality. These products reduce energy waste by keeping the air clean and lowering the demand on your heating system. Be sure to check our specials page regularly for ways you can save on a variety of upgrades.

If you need help with filter changes or want to learn more about conducting energy audits, we’re just a phone call away. Contact your friendly team at Warren-Hay Mechanical by calling 919-251-5615 in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We’re also happy to help you if you wish to schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance.

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