4 Things to Expect During an AC Installation in Myrtle Beach, SC

If your old air conditioner can no longer keep you cool in Myrtle Beach, SC, you’ll need a replacement. You may be in the dark about what to expect during the AC installation, though. Here are four things to anticipate when the pros arrive to give you a new air conditioner:

Clearing the Ground

Above all, you should expect service techs to move around a lot of hefty equipment on the AC installation day. That means that they’ll need unobstructed pathways and a great deal of room.

Before the service techs arrive, you’ll need to remove whatever might plausibly get in their way. This mainly refers to large pieces of furniture, but you may also need to shift shrubs and outdoor decorations around to make it easier for the service techs to enter and exit your home. The same is true for cars, which shouldn’t block your driveway.

If you don’t remove these things, the service techs will almost certainly have to remove them, which will only give them more work to do. That means that the AC installation will likely take longer and cost more than it would otherwise.

We can say similar things about pets and small children disrupting the work. If you think they might run around and interfere with what the service techs are doing, send them off to stay with someone you trust until the AC installation is over.

Removing the Old AC System

The first order of business will be to remove your previous AC system. To accomplish that, the AC installation team will first need to sever all your system’s electrical connections, turn off any gas valves and even temporarily shut off the flow of electricity through your home. This is necessary to ensure the service techs’ safety.

Then, the team will cover the floors of your home with special cloth or protective paper. This covering will catch all the dust that will fall when they get rid of your old system and put the new one in place, and it will make that dust easy to remove.

After this, service techs will commence removing your old air conditioner. First, they will use special tools to safely extract refrigerant from your previous AC installation and dispose of it. Then, they will remove the old system parts.

Installing the New Air Conditioner

When installing your new AC system, our service techs will probably begin by tackling the necessary indoor equipment first. This means that, among other things, they will install new evaporator coils and refrigerant lines. Unless you’ve chosen a ductless AC system, they will also either modify the ducts you already have or install ductwork anew.

Next, the team will lay the outdoor components in place, especially the compressor and condenser coils. You’ll also get a new condensate line, which the team will firmly secure in concrete. Of course, new electrical wiring and a new disconnect box will also enter the picture.

All in all, the whole process may take anywhere between four and seven hours, which is effectively an entire day. Since service techs may have questions they need to ask, try to stay home from work on the air conditioning installation day so that you’ll be available to supervise the process. If you can’t do so yourself, ask someone you trust to do it.

Testing the New AC Installation

Finally, after the air conditioning installation is complete, all that will remain is to test your new system. The service techs will have a list of manufacturer’s specifications with them that will describe exactly how your new AC system should function. They will test it to see whether it really does function as required.

We hope that we’ve shed some light on what an AC installation will probably look like. With this information, you’ll be able to get your home in Myrtle Beach, SC, ready for the big day. Call Warren-Hay Mechanical to schedule our AC installation services and let us set you up for the summer.

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