Get the Most From Your Smart Thermostat in Hillsborough, NC

Smart thermostats can tremendously increase HVAC efficiency and make them much simpler to operate. To fully reap these benefits, however, homeowners in Hillsborough, NC, will have to take a few additional steps. Here are five tips on how you can squeeze the most out of your smart thermostat:

Set Your Preferences

Just as with an older digital thermostat, you can directly program your temperature and time preferences. However, digital thermostats will stick rigidly to the settings that you choose unless you decide to change them again. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, have intuitive learning features that modify these original preferences in accordance with the data that they gather about your behavior, your movements and your energy usage.

On average, your smart thermostat will need to observe your activity for about a week before it works out an optimized pattern for you. It’s helpful if you enter an initial schedule so it can build from there.

Location Matters

To truly give you optimal results, your thermostat needs to take the most accurate temperature readings possible. Unfortunately, the temperature distribution throughout your home is not at all uniform. Some places will be warmer or colder than others, and if your thermostat sits in such a place, it will direct your HVAC system to carry out actions that you probably don’t need it to.

This is why thermostat location is so important. Try to place your thermostat in a neutral spot away from things that might spoil its readings, like ovens or open windows. You can also place additional temperature sensors around your home that will transmit more data to your thermostat, but the same principle also applies to them.

Use Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is a special energy-saving feature that advanced smart thermostats have. When recovery mode is operative, your HVAC system will turn on somewhat earlier than your explicit programming dictates. At that point, the system will use only small amounts of energy and will begin adjusting temperatures very gently.

Thermostats without a recovery mode only turn your HVAC system on at the time that you’ve appointed. Recovery mode, however, makes it so that indoor temperatures are already at your desired level when that time arrives. By working gently instead of having to go from being totally off to on, your HVAC system will use much less energy and increase your comfort.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

A smart thermostat connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This will enable it to gather data from the other devices that you’ve integrated into the network, speeding up the process of teaching it your preferences.

Also, Wi-Fi connectivity means that you’ll be able to activate and program your HVAC system when you’re not at home. You’ll be able to save energy, turn it off or power it on to make things cool by the time you arrive home.

Schedule Maintenance

Finally, we must urge you never to forget to schedule tuneups for your HVAC system. Part of the work involved in maintenance includes service techs checking on your thermostat’s electrical wiring and other internal components to ensure that the device transmits commands to your HVAC system correctly and efficiently. They will be able to detect issues early and take appropriate action to deal with them.

On average, you should replace your thermostat about once every 10 years. Just like any other part of your HVAC system, you’ll notice signs when it’s time for a replacement. If you schedule maintenance at least once or twice per year, a service tech can see any potential issues developing.

Smart thermostats are extremely powerful tools, but there are tricks to help get the most from their performance. Our NATE-certified service techs are available to help you maximize your system. Call Warren-Hay Mechanical and ask for our thermostat services around Hillsborough, NC, to find out more information.

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