5 HVAC Problems That Plague Older Homes

A well-functioning HVAC system is necessary to maintain comfortable temperatures and high-quality indoor air regardless of how old a home. Below are some HVAC issues common in older homes in Hillsborough, NC.

Old HVAC System

A standard HVAC system has a lifespan of approximately 15 years. However, it’s normal to expect the system in your older home to serve you beyond its average service life.

Aging HVAC systems in older homes in Hillsborough, NC, are expensive to maintain because they require frequent repairs. They also cause high energy bills due to their outdated HVAC technology. Moreover, they cannot cool the air efficiently like modern systems.

Another issue with an old air conditioner is that it’s quite noisy. These strange noises often turn off potential home buyers because they disrupt their comfort and sleep quality.

If you’re planning to buy an older house and unsure about the HVAC system’s current condition, ensure that you listen to any noise coming from the system. Additionally, you may seek assistance from qualified service techs for preventive HVAC maintenance. After inspecting the system, the professionals will give you details about its effectiveness and tell you whether it’s time to upgrade it.

Poor Airflow

The air ducts in an HVAC system circulate cool air to make your home comfortable during summer. However, the ducts and vents in older and outdated heating and cooling systems are likely to be dirty and damaged. Most homes have smaller windows.

These issues interfere with the smooth flow or circulation of air in and out of the home. Failure to allow adequate air into the house affects humidity levels and exposes the residents to various contaminants and allergens.

Today, many people prefer installing ductless mini-splits to support even and sufficient air distribution throughout their homes. These systems are also quiet and allow room-by-room cooling control.

Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality

If you own an older home, you’ll likely experience air quality issues since it’s not unusual for such homes to have dirty air and an unpleasant odor. Various factors, such as an outdated HVAC system and poor insulation, are likely to cause this problem.

For instance, an older air conditioner may fail to efficiently filter out pollen and other pollutants from the incoming air. You and your family may experience allergies or contract respiratory conditions because of breathing in contaminated air.

Inadequate Heating and Cooling

Older homes are also likely to be uncomfortably hot during summer due to the HVAC system’s inability to adequately cool the air inside. This problem happens because the air conditioner lacks zoning features or has the wrong size.

The outdated thermostats in these homes also affect the AC system’s cooling capacity. These devices have basic controls that don’t allow you to regulate the temperatures remotely or according to your daily life patterns or heating and cooling preferences.

Setting the same temperature level for the entire house will make some rooms hotter or cooler than others. It may also strain your HVAC system and cause frequent cycling or immature breakdown.

Lack of Zoning

A zoning system divides the house into several zones and cools them separately to ensure that the entire place is comfortable. For example, you can cool your bedroom or kitchen at night when you are at home. This is possible because each zone or room has its own thermostat.

Older homes may not enjoy this benefit because their HVAC systems have one thermostat that controls the temperatures of the entire house. The inability to define zones with separate controls prevents you from fully monitoring the temperature levels in your home.

This means that some rooms can be hotter or cooler than others, even when you are away from home. Besides causing discomfort, lack of zoning also increases energy bills.

In summary, HVAC issues can ruin the enjoyable experience of owning a vintage home in Hillsborough, NC. Fixing these issues can help you live comfortably in your new residence. Contact our service techs at Warren-Hay Mechanical for affordable HVAC installation services.

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