Problems With Your Heater? It May Be Time for an Upgrade

The HVAC system in your Hillsborough, North Carolina, home is responsible for keeping your household comfortable from season to season. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you need to replace your heater. Check out some signs that it’s time for an upgrade and learn about the benefits you can expect when you do so.

Your System Is Old

The age of your system might be the primary indicator that it’s time for a replacement. If you moved into an older home, it is important to know the age of your furnace so you will know how much more life you can expect to get out of it. With proper maintenance, your furnace should perform well for about 15 to 20 years. As your system ages, it will become less efficient, and you will need to replace components frequently.

High Energy Bills

An unexplained increase in utility bills can be a signal that your system is no longer working efficiently. Poor system performance means that your heater will have to work harder to maintain preferred indoor temperatures. The extra effort by the system results in more energy consumption and, therefore, higher bills.

Pollutants in Your Home

If you notice a lot of dirt and dust in your home, this is often a sign of pollutants in the ductwork. It can also mean that your system is having a hard time effectively removing the debris from the air or that the system itself is dirty. Years of neglecting maintenance and system cleaning can eventually result in damage to components. Extensive damage and continued problems with indoor air quality often mean that it’s time for an upgrade.

Humidity Problems

Your HVAC system should help to regulate the humidity in your home. Issues with the level of moisture in the air can lead to problems with comfort and indoor air quality. High or low humidity can also cause health problems, and damage to material and equipment in the home. At this time of the year, you’ll most likely experience problems with low humidity. Humidity issues could be a signal that your system is no longer working properly.

Uneven Temperatures

You expect your HVAC system to keep all the rooms in your home at a comfortable temperature. If you notice that some areas are very hot while others are almost freezing, it’s time for a system check. It could be a furnace issue or problem with the ductwork and airflow. We’ll provide an honest evaluation and let you know if there’s anything wrong with your furnace.

Noises or Odd Smells

Is your HVAC system suddenly making loud noises or do you notice a new or unusual odor? Sometimes a simple fix will address these problems. Noises and smells can mean there are worn or damaged parts. At other times, these issues might be signs that it’s time for an upgrade. They can also indicate that the system is too old and is no longer functioning correctly.

Frequent Repairs

Your HVAC system will always require maintenance, but it will need more repairs as it ages. However, if you notice an increase in breakdowns, costly repairs, or part replacements, it can mean that your system and its components are old, and you need to consider getting an upgrade.

Signs of Damage

As your furnace ages, you will be more aware of signs of damage. You will notice cracks as well as rust on and around the heating system. You can expect wear-and-tear. However, visible signs of damage and deterioration indicate that your system has served its time.

Benefits of a New System

While purchasing a new furnace can seem like a significant investment, it is well worth the cost. There are many benefits that you can enjoy from a new system. An upgrade brings advantages such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Improved comfort
  • Lower energy bills
  • Current HVAC technology

If any of these problems sound familiar, it’s time to contact us for advice. Call Warren-Hay Mechanical at 919-732-4362 today to find a new system that can best fit your needs.

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