Saving Money With Commercial HVAC Management

If you’re a business owner, the operational costs of your commercial HVAC unit can incur unpredictable expenses. Sealing ducts that are leaking, ensuring timely maintenance and implementing programmable thermostats help reduce your business’s expenses. Here are ways commercial HVAC management helps your business save money in N. Myrtle Beach, SC.

Perform Regular Air Filter Replacements

The air filters of your HVAC system are responsible for filtering the air that comes into your building and protecting the unit. Blocked filters lead to poor air quality and reduced airflow, which lead to increased energy consumption.

Changing or cleaning your air filters at least every 30-90 days keeps your unit working properly. This reduces the amount of energy you waste, which increases your savings.

Install Programmable or Smart Thermostats

Smart or programmable thermostats give you the ability to pre-set your commercial building’s temperatures. The 5+2-day programmable thermostat models allow you to program the HVAC system to use less energy on the weekends when no one’s in the building. Programmable thermostats promote sustainability and will enable you to save money by reducing energy losses.

Seal Off Leaky Ducts

If your building has had ductwork for a while, chances are the wear and tear that comes with continuous HVAC usage has caused cracks, blockages and bends. For proper money-saving HVAC management, schedule a session with service techs to identify potential leakages to help your unit run efficiently.

Increase Insulation and Efficiency

Energy losses can also occur throughout the commercial building because of its architecture. If your windows or doors allow air in and out even when locked, your HVAC system loses valuable energy. Additionally, leaky walls and roofs constantly allow air in and out of your building, forcing your commercial HVAC system to work harder to maintain desirable temperatures.

Get a service tech to check all areas of your building, including the pipes. They can fix any potential leakages with fiberglass or foam padding. Areas that had been previously insulated can also have some wear; check and fix these areas, too.

Perform Regular Maintenance

No system works at peak performance throughout its service life. Schedule regular tuneups for your commercial HVAC unit. Scheduling preseason maintenance at least twice a year gives you the upper hand in ensuring that your HVAC system runs at optimal efficiency throughout the year.

Some companies offer HVAC maintenance services, and it’s advisable to work with service techs during these tuneups. The maintenance checks should include cleaning the unit, lubricating coils and refiling the refrigerant. The checks help you get problems identified and fixed before they become significant, costly issues.

Use Energy Star-Certified Parts

For energy sustainability, making use of HVAC parts that are Energy Star-certified allows your unit to perform well without consuming so much energy. If your unit uses heat pumps that are more than 10 years old or furnaces that are more than 15 years old, replace these with Energy Star-certified upgrades. Less energy consumption translates to fewer energy bills and more money saved for your business.

Protect Your Unit From Debris and Any Blockages

If your unit is outside the building, protect it from debris that may block the vents and from direct sunlight that causes it to work harder. If your unit is inside a mechanical room, ensure no furniture or objects restrict airflow into and out of the unit. Restricted airflow can cause your unit to overheat, breakdown or use more energy to make up for the shortages.

When you’re planning to save money on energy costs with HVAC usage, a proper unit alone won’t offer the desirable outcome. Therefore, it’s important that you maintain your commercial unit to keep it operating efficiently. For professional maintenance, commercial installations, repairs and other HVAC services, contact Warren-Hay Mechanical. We’ll help you make your commercial HVAC unit as efficient as possible.

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