5 Tips to Get Ready for a Heating Installation in Myrtle Beach, SC

Installing a new heating system is an important step to take, as it’ll affect your comfort at home for years to come. If you’ve decided that your Myrtle Beach, SC,home needs a heating upgrade, the installation team must hook up your new system properly. Here’s how you can do your part to ensure the heating installation goes off without a hitch:

Plan to Be Home

The most important thing you can do to help service techs install a new heating system for you is to be there when they show up to do their work. They may need to ask you questions about the layout of your home, the locations of critical pieces of equipment, the state of your ductwork and so on. After installation, service techs may want to share some significant information with you about how the system works and how to best operate it.

Your presence during installation can only make things easier for the installation team as well as for you going forward. If you’re around to receive tips from the HVAC pros, you may be able to avoid a few bad habits, use your heating system more efficiently and keep it running for years longer than you would have otherwise. Try your best to schedule the heating installation for a day when you can stay home from work and don’t have other commitments.

Send the Kids Out

Small children tend to be full of energy, making it likely that they will interfere with service techs as they try to work. If you have small children, we strongly recommend sending them away to stay with someone else, perhaps a trusted family member, friend or neighbor, for the duration of the heating installation. It typically takes at least an entire day to install a new heating system, and it may take multiple days if any complications arise.

Lock Up Your Pets

Just like small children, pets can run around and get in the service techs’ way as they try to work. If you have pets that like to roam around, like dogs or cats, we recommend keeping them in a separate room temporarily until the service techs have completed your heating installation. Otherwise, they might accidentally injure your furry friends.

Make Room

Heating installation service techs will have to bring a lot of heavy equipment with them when they set you up with a new system. Transporting it into your home and to the required areas is demanding. If you remove obstacles from the paths that service techs will need to take, you’ll make the entire installation process much smoother and faster.

This means clearing out your driveway so that the service techs will have a place to park their vehicles. This will also enable them to more rapidly carry tools and components of the heating system they’ll need. Since some of these components can be quite large, ample maneuvering room is essential.

Inside your home, clear paths to your circuit breaker, your garage, your ventilation registers and other important spots. It may require you to move some of your heavy furniture to avoid injuries.

Turn Off Your Gas and Electricity

Installing a heating system requires service techs to interact with your electrical system or your home’s gas line. The electrical interaction usually applies to heat pumps, while the latter generally happens in the course of furnace installation. For safety reasons, service techs will have to turn off your gas and electricity before they begin working anyway, but if you can do so before they arrive, you will make their job easier.

You’re now ready to schedule and supervise a heating installation in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home. Our team of experts is ready to get the job done. Just call Warren-Hay Mechanical and ask for our heating installation services and we’ll make sure that you stay warm this fall and winter.

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