Benefits of Installing the iWave-R Air Cleaner in Your Home

Indoor air quality is always a concern for families in Hillsborough, NC. Pet dander, pollen and other particulates can fill the air we breathe. The best approach to combat this is to combine air filtration with the power of air cleaning. Read on to learn the benefits of installing the iWave-R Air Cleaner in your home.

iWave-R Air Cleaner

The iWave-R is an air cleaner that works within your HVAC system. Unlike other air cleaners, the iWave-R is self-cleaning and requires no maintenance. It also manages to do its job without creating ozone or its harmful side effects.

How It Works

The iWave-R sends ions into the air as it passes by, and the ions kill any bacteria or viruses within your system. This ionization also aids in the removal of particulates within your air. Its placement within your HVAC system allows it to clean the air of your entire home.

Why Ionization Works

Extra ions clean the air through two processes. It strips hydrogen atoms from pathogens, causing them to die from lack of energy. Ionization will also cause particulates in the air to clump together, making them more likely to get caught in your air filter.

Maintenance Free in Truth

Household units often add caveats to the term maintenance-free. However, the iWave-R is a truly self-cleaning unit with no parts that need periodic replacement. Once in place, you can safely forget it’s even there.

What This Means For You

With the iWave-R installed in your HVAC system, your air will be noticeably cleaner. Anyone with a breathing issue will find additional relief from the improved indoor air quality. You may even notice that you don’t have to dust as often.

Don’t Wait for Cleaner Air

Our service techs at Warren-Hay Mechanical stand ready to install the iWave-R into your home in the Hillsborough, NC, area. The process is quick and virtually mess-free. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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