5 Reasons Your Home Has Weak Airflow in Hillsborough, NC

Are you noticing weak airflow throughout your home in Hillsborough, NC? The culprit may be your HVAC system. Here are five possible reasons the airflow in your home could be weaker than usual:

Dirty Air Filters

Maintaining your air filters is one of the easiest ways to improve airflow. Dust, dirt and debris accumulate on filters over time, obstructing the air passage and reducing airflow. You should change your air filters every two to three months for optimal performance.

Blocked or Leaky Ducts

If one or more of the ducts clogs, the volume of air that moves through your house may drastically decrease. Inadequate ductwork installation in your house might also block airflow.

If your home has leaky ductwork, it can allow as much as 30% of the total HVAC-generated air to escape before it reaches its destination. This means that less air circulates through your home.

Vent Issues

Dust, dirt and debris can build up on vents over time, resulting in poor indoor air quality. Additionally, vents located near furniture or walls may experience some obstruction that affects airflow.

Faulty Motors

The motors inside your HVAC system can fail due to age or lack of regular maintenance. A failed motor will decrease the amount of air circulating in your home. Schedule an AC repair right away to prevent further damage and costlier problems.

Incorrect HVAC System Size

If the size of your HVAC system is incorrect for the square footage of your home, it won’t be able to generate enough airflow. It may also lead to other issues, such as noises from the system or higher electric bills.

Contact Warren-Hay Mechanical to schedule your HVAC system maintenance or repair today. Our experienced service techs are ready to help you find solutions for your weak airflow problem in Hillsborough, NC.

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