4 Reasons Not to Repair Your AC System Yourself

When your air conditioner in North Myrtle Beach, SC, starts acting up, you may think about fixing it yourself. Despite being relatively simple systems, you may do more harm than good without the right training and experience. Here are four reasons you shouldn’t attempt to repair your AC system yourself:

Ballooning Repairs

If you’ve attempted any home project, you’ve probably experienced the ballooning phenomenon. This is where the project seems simple enough to start but takes longer and costs more than expected.

Without the right tools, training and experience, it’s easy for simple AC repairs to quickly balloon. In many cases, you end up calling a professional service tech, leaving you stressed and spending substantially more.

Putting Safety on the Line

Not only does a lack of training cost you more time and money, but it also puts your family’s safety at risk. Without taking every step in the right order, you increase the risk of a severe electrical shock or refrigerant leak.

Attempting to repair your AC system yourself brings the risk of electrocution due to the amperage serving your unit. So you not only risk injury but also death if you don’t follow the right process.

Kiss Your Warranty Goodbye

AC manufacturers provide a warranty to help protect your system for premature failures. However, thinking you’ll save some money by doing your own repairs or AC maintenance invalidates these warranties. The manufacturers put these terms in place because of the damage untrained hands cause attempting repairs.

Sacrificing Efficiency

When a service tech conducts a repair, they do more than simply install a new part and call it good. Rather, once they conduct a repair, they test the system to ensure it’s working properly. This is what keeps your system operating efficiently after repairs.

Make sure your air conditioner will continue serving your family for years to come. Call Warren-Hay Mechanical to schedule your AC repair with one of our expert service techs today.

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