Should You Repair or Replace Your Heater in Chapel Hill, NC?

Replacing a heater can be one of the more expensive investments homeowners make in their houses. However, sometimes it makes more sense to replace your system instead of repairing it. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your heater in Chapel Hill, NC:

Your Heating System is Getting Old

Most heaters have an average lifespan of 15-20 years if maintained well. If yours is 12 years old or older, showing signs of cracks or hasn’t been consistently serviced, replacing it could be the better option.

Your Energy Bills are Rising

The older a heater gets, the less efficient it becomes. If you see a noticeable increase in your energy bills each heating season, it could be time to replace the heating system. Today’s furnaces and heat pumps are much more energy efficient than those manufactured a decade ago. They can help you start saving money right away.

The Heater Makes a Lot of Noise

All heaters make some noise. However, as they age, they begin to make more noise and vibrations because of leaks, cracks or other structural issues. A new heating system won’t have those issues and will run more smoothly.

The Heating System Breaks Down Frequently

Consider how many times your heater broke down in the past two years. This pattern is likely to continue until we cannot repair it anymore. Investing in a new heating system is often a better financial decision than pouring money into one that needs one repair after another. Therefore, it’s best that you contact us to browse your options.

Deciding to replace your heater is a major commitment. We’re ready to help make the process of replacing your heating system easier for you. Contact Warren-Hay Mechanical for more information about replacing your home’s heater.

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