4 Signs of a Bad Furnace Blower Motor in Carrboro, NC

Like everything else in your Carrboro, NC, home, your furnace won’t last forever. Its components will experience wear and tear and eventually need repairs or even replacement. Here are some signs of a broken furnace blower motor:

Loud Operating Noises

When your blower has an issue, you might hear odd noises coming from your vents. Perhaps you’ll notice a rattling or squealing noise or maybe something that sounds like screeching. These are signs that your blower has a problem, most likely with the bearings or a loose belt.

If you hear loud banging sounds, that’s a sign that something’s broken. While simple remedies like lubrication can quiet some sounds, other noises suggest a need to repair or replace the blower. It’s best to turn off the furnace and call an HVAC service tech.

Weak or Absent Airflow

Weak airflow or total lack of it is the most obvious sign of a bad blower motor. The problem could be due to a clogged blower from accumulated dust or debris. It could also be due to leaky air ducts or a bad capacitor. Experts recommend that you schedule routine maintenance to diagnose the problem to determine if something needs repair or replacement.


When the blower motor starts overheating, you’ll notice a burning smell. This happens when the blower motor draws too many amps and the wiring starts burning. Some furnaces will shut down immediately, while others won’t.

It’s a serious issue, as it can cause a fire to break out. When you notice any burning smell, shut the system off and call a furnace expert. If ignored, overheating can cause more damage to your furnace.

High Energy Bills

If your furnace blower motor isn’t working properly, it’ll overwork and shut down frequently. This means the system has to keep starting up and shutting down while it tries to keep you warm. Both these tasks use excess electricity, meaning higher bills for you.

You don’t have to compromise your comfort because of a bad furnace blower motor. Call an expert for professional diagnosis and any repairs you may need. For more information about our HVAC maintenance services, contact the friendly team at Warren-Hay Mechanical.

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