Is It Time to Replace the Heat Pump in Your Durham, NC, Home?

Many people in Durham, NC, prefer to heat and cool their homes using a heat pump system because it’s more energy-efficient. However, a heat pump is prone to wear and tear, and you need to know at what point you should replace your system. This review will focus on some of the hints that your heat pump system needs replacement.

Constant Breakdowns

A heat pump that constantly breaks down indicates that it’s time you bought a new one. Constant breakdowns mean that you have to call our service techs to repair your heat pump more than once per year. Sometimes, the combined cost of these repairs will be more than the price of a new heat pump.

Unusual Noises

A heat pump should run smoothly with little to no friction noises. Constant noises from the heat pump signal that the internal mechanical components are starting to wear down.

Sometimes, service techs can fix these components and get the system working normally again. However, if there’s no improvement and the system keeps making these unusual noises, it might be time to replace the heat pump.

Insufficient Heating and Cooling

If you notice uneven heating and cooling in your home, something is wrong with your heat pump. Also, the uneven distribution of relative humidity in the home will often signal a problem with the entire system. Sometimes, maintenance or repairs might improve these issues, but if nothing changes, you should consider replacing the heat pump.

Age of the Heat Pump System

The lifespan of any heat pump model is 10 to 15 years. After 15 years, experts recommend replacing the unit. The main advantage of buying a new heat pump is that the modern heat pumps are more efficient than previous models.

If you’re hoping to replace your heat pump, contact Warren-Hay Mechanical. We have a qualified team of HVAC service techs who can visit your home and replace your heat pump in no time.

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