Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split in Chapel Hill, NC

Ductless HVAC systems are top-rated for their efficient air conditioning during warmer months. They also provide efficient heating in winter. Troubleshooting a ductless mini-split can be quite complex for beginners. Here’s a resourceful guide to troubleshooting the ductless mini-split in your Chapel Hill, NC, house.

Inspect the Wiring You Can See

Accurate electrical wiring is crucial for your ductless system to run at optimum efficiency. Loose connections lead to massive electrical faults and could even cause your entire system to shut down. Additionally, pest infestation within the electrical network affects the overall wiring quality and efficiency.

Damaged wiring creates significant communication problems between the indoor and outdoor units. If your ductless mini-split gradually becomes unresponsive to remote commands, you could be dealing with a wiring issue. Usually, mini-splits with wiring faults exhibit inconsistent operation and might display error codes.

Glance at the wiring you can see, but never touch or try to fix wiring yourself. HVAC service techs have exceptional training to handle wiring problems. In case of irreversible destruction of the electrical circuits, a service tech will assist in professional wiring replacement.

Inspect the Coils

Dirty and frozen coils impede proper cooling and air circulation. Dust and grime collection escalates wear and decay of both the indoor and outdoor coils. Professional inspection and cleaning of the coils at least once during the spring will ensure a more comfortable climate.

Inspect the Compressor

The compressor directs airflow into the indoor air handlers. Top-notch compressor operational efficiency enhances indoor temperature and humidity control.

Professional cleaning eliminates debris, leaves and dust from the compressor components. Additionally, frequent inspection minimizes possible deterioration of the internal components. Regular lubrication is also helpful to lessen the gradual wear on the compressor parts.

Inspect the Air Filter

Dirty filters cause poor performance of the ductless system. Additionally, such filters cause excessive stress on the mini-split components, shortening the working lifespan.

If your system uses reusable filters, consider scheduling monthly appointments with your HVAC service tech to clean the air filters. Alternatively, make sure to install clean air filters every month.

Contact Warren-Hay Mechanical today for exceptional ductless AC installation and maintenance. Our service techs take care of your ductless mini-split to ensure exceptional air conditioning.

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