Why is Water Leaking From My Furnace in Hillsborough, NC?

As Hillsborough, NC, temperatures can easily dip into the 40s and lower in winter, you want to ensure your furnace works efficiently. A common indicator of a problem is finding water leaks. Find out some of the reasons your furnace might leak.

Leak in the Condensation Line

The most common cause of a leaking furnace is damage to the condensation line. This line carries the condensation from your system to a drain on your floor. When the line is cracked or has any other damage, it can spill water onto the floor.

Constant use with a lack of maintenance could lead to rust and corrosion, compromising its ability to carry water away. When having a professional inspect your condensation line, they can also see if a pipe became disconnected and caused a leak.

Condensation Drain Clog

Check the floor drain if your condensation line works and you still see water. Even a small clog in this drain will keep the moisture from leaving your home. The clog can make the water appear to come from your furnace when it actually backs up from the drain.

The most common offenders of clogging your drain are dust, dirt and algae. Preventative maintenance is vital to catching this issue early on with routine drain cleaning.

Humidifier Moisture

Another issue can arise if you have a whole-home humidifier attached to your furnace. The moisture it produces can easily build up on the furnace and even get inside, which then leaks out. This problem usually happens when you have a furnace and humidifier running simultaneously.

Is a Furnace Leak Risky?

Furnace leaks usually aren’t dangerous, but they can affect any electrical wiring or electronics nearby. Microbial growth could also harm your home and health if the water remains in place. Planning for heating repairs will reduce the risk of these situations in your Hillsborough, NC, home.

Taking care of a leaking heating system is easier and takes less time than you think. It often involves checking the condensation line and drain before looking at your humidifier. Call Warren-Hay Mechanical today to learn how HVAC maintenance can alert you of potential furnace leaks and other problems.

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