Fact or Fiction: The HVAC Edition for Homeowners in Raleigh, NC

The HVAC system has several components, which includes the indoor air handler and condenser outside. Although the HVAC system has a simple mode of operation, the complex equipment might be a source of confusion for many. We created this article to debunk common myths in Raleigh, NC, as outlined below.

Bigger is Better

Most homeowners have the feeling that a bigger HVAC system will cool their home faster and more efficiently. Instead, a contractor needs to size the HVAC system based on the size and cooling needs of your home. A larger HVAC might end up short-cycling, which means it will turn on and off all the time..

When you have a bigger system, you end up paying upfront for power you don’t need. With variable speed motors, you don’t need to go bigger and your system doesn’t have to short-cycle.

You can round up and pick a three-ton unit when your home needs 2.5 tons. However, you will never use all three tones as the system only provides the exact cooling capacity your home needs.

Duct Tape Shouldn’t Cover Duct Leaks

Duct tape may have the name duct, but you should never rely on it to fix leaking ducts. Our professionals use certain types of foil tape to fix some leaks. However, homeowners may not have the foil tape on hand.

If you use foil tape, it might melt and become a potential hazard. Instead of trying to fix a leak with duct tape, allow a professional to help you seal leaking ducts the right way.

A Dense Air Filter is Better

The standard air filter is about one inch, and this is efficient for use in most homes. Some homeowners think that going for a denser air filter is a good idea as the filter will trap more particles. However, the motor of your HVAC system can only handle an air filter up to a specific MERV rating; anything higher and you reduce the pressure of airflow.

Denser air filters will clog faster than the standard air filter. A clogged filter obstructs airflow, and your system has to work harder to cool your home. When that happens, your home won’t cool enough, and you may end up with higher utility bills.

Set the Thermostat to the Same Temperature to Save Energy

Some homeowners believe that you should set the same temperature on your thermostat day and night. The myth explains that it requires more energy to cool or heat your home and maintaining the thermostat temperature is a way of saving energy.

This isn’t true as it would mean programmable thermostats have no use in a home. Programmable thermostats adjust the temperature of your home throughout the day.

At night, when you’re sleeping, you may not need to cool or heat your home much, which means you can set the thermostat as close to the ambient temperature as possible. When you’re away from home, you also need to set the temperature close to the ambient temperature so that the HVAC system doesn’t work harder than it should to cool empty rooms.

We recommend you set the thermostat at 78 degrees when you need air conditioning. When you sleep and when you’re away from home, set the thermostat back about eight degrees.

You Only Need Your Room’s Square Footage to Size an HVAC System

While it’s true that you need to calculate your room’s square footage when sizing an HVAC system, there are many more factors that our service techs consider. We check the windows and window orientation, air leakage, nature of the ductwork and levels of insulation and ventilation. If you only consider the square footage, you’ll most likely end up with an oversized system that will increase your energy bills.

Call our team at Warren-Hay Mechanical as we offer air conditioning services for all residents and businesses in Raleigh, NC. We can also provide you with a free quote.

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