How Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality?

The quality of the air your family inhales inside your Hillsborough, NC, home is vital to living a healthy life. Read on to learn how your home’s indoor air quality impacts your health and how you can benefit from using one of the best air purifiers.

What’s Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality refers to how safe the air you’re breathing inside your home. Unfortunately, many homes suffer from worse air quality levels than the pollution that exists outside.

While simple dust might not seem like an irritant you need to worry about, it actually acts as a magnet for viruses, bacteria and dust mites. All of these irritants have the potential for causing allergic reactions. They also cause harm for people already suffering from asthma.

Dangerous gases might also exist inside your home. These gases are caused by fireplaces, space heaters and stoves. Serious health issues have the potential to arise when breathing in these gases over a long period.

Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

Improving your home’s air quality comes with several benefits. You’ll gain the ability to breathe more easily and sleep better. Breathing higher quality air lowers stress levels and encourages improved health.

Eliminate bad odors by working toward better indoor air quality. Schedule an annual HVAC system tuneup and use an air purifier to make sure your AC unit doesn’t need to work too hard. The result is a lower monthly energy bill.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

Keep in mind that you might not be able to easily tell whether you have poor indoor air quality. Some indications include suffering from watery eyes, headaches, worsened asthma symptoms and sneezing.

Odd odors are another indication of poor air quality. If you notice extra dust building up around the air vents, you most likely need to have your home’s air quality tested.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

A fan and a set of filters exist inside an air purifier. Air circulates through the air filters after the fan sucks it in from your home’s atmosphere. After trapping dirt, chemicals, dust, odors and other toxins, the purifier replaces your home’s contaminated air by releasing the purified air back into your living space.

Benefits of an Air Purifier

  • Remove asthma triggers: Dirt, dust, skin cells, air-freshening sprays, paint products, perfumes, household cleaners and other asthma triggers can be eliminated when using an air purifier.
  • Eliminate allergens and irritants: Use an air purifier when your goal is getting rid of allergens such as pollen, dust and pet odor as well as cigarette and tobacco smoke that can harm the health of household members, even if they don’t smoke.
  • Lower carbon monoxide levels: Inhaling too much carbon monoxide causes headaches, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, sweating and increased blood pressure and heart rate. Consider an air purifier if higher levels of carbon monoxide exist in your home.
  • Eliminate VOCs: Volatile organic compounds are dangerous contaminants that can lead to cancer, dizziness, headaches, difficulty breathing, watery eyes, nausea and other health issues. VOCs are emitted by air fresheners, paints, stored fuels, aerosol sprays, auto products, nail polishes and other household chemicals.
  • Improve mood levels: Poor air quality leads to agitated moods because of the health challenges experienced. Breathing cleaner air promotes an improvement in mood and sense of happiness.
  • Improve sleep quality: Contaminated air might smell bad and make you uncomfortable, affecting your ability to sleep well. Removing contaminants from your home’s air helps with overall breathing and creates better conditions for restful sleep.

Schedule an Indoor Air Quality Check

Are you ready to have your home’s air quality checked? Contact Warren-Hay Mechanical to schedule an indoor air quality check and make sure your home is safe from contaminants all summer long.

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