Signs That Indicate Your Need to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

To keep your business running smoothly, you need a fully functioning HVAC system in place. If your commercial HVAC system isn’t working at its full capacity, it’ll cause a problem for you, your employees and your customers. Here are seven signs that indicate it’s time to replace the commercial HVAC system at your Carrboro, NC, business:

Increasing Utility Bills

A system’s energy efficiency will decrease as the system ages. As time goes on, you could potentially see your business’s utility bills slowly getting more expensive. Look at your bills from the last few years. If you notice an upward trend, this can be a sign that it’s time for you to purchase a new commercial HVAC system.

Commercial HVAC System Malfunctions

If your system is constantly acting strange and malfunctioning, it’s likely deteriorating. A functioning HVAC system doesn’t need constant repairs. Therefore, if your system is constantly requiring you to hire an HVAC service techs, it might be time to purchase a new unit. Spending money on frequent repairs can also get quite expensive, costing thousands of dollars.

After a certain point, the price of these repairs will become too high to justify, and purchasing a new system will end up being the cheaper option. Many people replace their system when annual repair costs start equaling financing for a new system.

Uneven Temperatures Around the Office

Another common issue with an old or damaged system is that your office building will suffer from uneven temperatures. Some spots will receive more airflow, while others don’t receive as much. This inconsistency can be a result of many things, including air duct leaks, a faulty thermostat, a broken motor or simply that your system doesn’t have the capacity to distribute air throughout the entire building. This can negatively affect the people inside your building, especially those in the areas that are receiving less air from the HVAC system.

System is Getting Old

If you’ve had this commercial HVAC system for 10 years or longer, it’s inevitable that it’ll begin to deteriorate. As a result, it’ll operate less efficiently and effectively. An older system isn’t as powerful, energy-efficient or durable as a new system. As such, many of your employees and customers might suffer from having an inferior HVAC system.

Noises are Disrupting People

An HVAC system should be able to run for extended periods without making much noise. Once a system begins to deteriorate, many of that system’s components will begin to loosen and move around, which will result in a noisy unit. An HVAC system that’s constantly making clicking, cracking, grinding, squealing or popping noises when it’s turned on requires repair or replacing.

These noises can also be very disruptive to the people inside the building. Your workers might not be able to work at their full potential and customers might get turned off by the strange noises.

Bad Indoor Air Quality

Various things can cause poor air quality, including:

  • Not changing your air filter.
  • Leaks in the ductwork.
  • Poor cleaning habits.

However, if you’re doing everything right and your air quality is still poor, this means your building needs a new HVAC system. An old system may have problems producing clean air.

An older system may also develop leaks that’ll infect the air, such as a carbon monoxide leak. Not only will these affect the air quality, but carbon monoxide gas is also extremely dangerous and could lead to your workers getting sick.

Business owners should always strive to create a comfortable environment for their workers and customers. Replacing an old, inefficient HVAC system with a newer, fully functioning unit will benefit everyone inside your building. Contact Warren-Hay Mechanical for commercial HVAC replacement services.

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