No matter who occupies your commercial building in Hillsborough, NC, you want the environment as comfortable as possible. Your workers’ productivity, your tenants’ happiness and your customers’ comfort are all affected. If your commercial HVAC system is evidencing any of the following runtime issues, call for professional help to address them quickly:

Fan Damage

The HVAC system for a commercial building often sits on the roof. That means the fan for the system is also on the roof. If your roof is high, wind and storms can deposit debris and trash inside the cabinet, which can get trapped inside the fan blades.

Eventually, this can damage the fans or keep them from running. If your building’s air vents and registers aren’t putting out sufficiently cooled or heated air or not blowing air at all, the cause could be a problem with the fan. An HVAC expert can examine your unit and pinpoint any issues with the fan.

Leaking Seals

Commercial HVAC systems have seals that serve as a barrier between moving and stationary parts. This allows some components to move while protecting the other parts from wear and leaks. If the pump or compressor is overheating, the seals can crack and begin to leak.

If this occurs, the cause of the pump or compressor issue needs investigating. Possible issues can be a bad fan motor, dirty coils, a clogged capacitor, a clogged filter, corroded connections or other problems. We can diagnose and repair the underlying issue and replace the seals.

Thermostat Malfunction

You may be experiencing uneven cooling and heating in different areas of your building. If you’re using multiple thermostats with your HVAC system, it may be that one or more of your thermostats is having issues.

Your thermostat may need cleaning, or it may simply be in a bad location. Some thermostats have batteries that are charged by the electrical energy to the thermostat, but sometimes various issues can prevent them from recharging.

Managing the services for a business can be a busy job. Fortunately, when it comes to your HVAC system, you can receive professional help to resolve any problems. If you’re experiencing issues with your commercial HVAC system, call Warren-Hay Mechanical for expert comfort solutions.

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