New HVAC Technology That’s Worth Your Investment

The world of HVAC systems has come a long way. The advances in HVAC technology allow homeowners in Hillsborough, North Carolina, to save money on utility bills while still keeping the house comfortable for occupants. Here are two ideas to consider in your quest for home comfort and efficiency:

Smart Thermostats

A traditional thermostat turns the HVAC system on and off when the temperature in the room reaches a set point. Smart thermostats operate on a schedule that you create based on your schedule and preferences. When no one is home, you can tell the system not to run, saving energy and money on your utility bills. As your arrival at home approaches, the smart thermostat turns on the HVAC system so that your living space is comfortable when you get there. You can control your device remotely with your smartphone or another mobile device if your daily plans change.

Variable-Speed Blowers

In conjunction with smart thermostats, variable-speed blowers are another advancement in HVAC technology that can help you save energy and money. Traditional blower motors and compressors have only one speed. Newer systems have variable-speed blowers and multistage compressors. The HVAC system components tell the compressors to operate. The compressors can use either one or two stages to meet the need. This technology is especially useful when paired with your smart thermostat to keep the focus on the rooms that you occupy most often.

Another benefit you get from a unit with a variable-speed blower is that it circulates air through your home even when the full system isn’t running. This process keeps the air flowing through the filters more often. As a result, it removes impurities and improves air quality. If someone in your home lives with asthma or allergies, you know how important it is to clean the air.

Smart thermostats and variable-speed blowers are just two of the advances in technology available to make your home run more efficiently without sacrificing comfort. Contact the professionals at Warren-Hay Mechanical to schedule an evaluation. We’ll show you all the options for your house and how you can benefit from each one.

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